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IT Consulting

The only constant in this world is Change. The world is changing rapidly and businesses and life are adapting to it very quickly. New constellations and configurations are coming up and need to be serviced through innovative products and technology. The world is becoming digitalised, processes disappearing into a virtual space, getting connected through the cloud, with distributed and remote processing; spread of local intelligence through IoT, transactions handling through block chain, yet ... touching the real world. Because real events happen only in the real world. Goods will still be produced in remote more cost-effective locations, and will need to get to places where they will get consumed. No one has so far been able to deliver a Hamburger virtually, or eat a virtual Hamburger and satiate one‘s hunger.

As a boutique service provider, our chosen direction is to help our customers and partners to effect their business changes through the latest technology. We therefore support our Customers on realigning their businesses through SAP Technologies, our SI Partners through providing them with skills and various delivery models for successful joint deliveries to our joint customers, and to our Employees by giving them challenging opportunities to work as change agents. In this increasingly virtual digital world, the all pervasive Cloud has become the vehicle for delivery of the SAP technology. It therefore also forms our next chosen area. Big data, Analytics, IOT and AI naturally become a part of the landscape that needs to be addressed.


Ahorn serves our customers and business partners in all SAP technologies and domains with emphasis on Cloud technologies. This enables our partners to meet their and their client‘s business goals through expertise delivered with Ahorn‘s resources on the newest as well as exotic technologies front where resources are not readily available on the German / European market.

Pramod Srivastava
Chief Executive Officer

  • Ahorn Management brings over four decades of experience across various industries in senior positions with various reputed world leading organisations on the IT-Services, Outsourcing & Offshoring fronts
  • Ahorn understands the requirements for IT Services of German / European SME as well as large organisations and how to manage them
  • More than just provision of resources, the vast experience and the intrinsic value and judgement is what guides Ahorn operations today and makes meaningful discussions with the CxO level possible at our partners.
  • The interaction transcends all operational levels
  • Innovative solution constellations configured are made to work

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