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Security Testing

A wide pallette of testing services covering all technologies, applications,
networking, communications, storage and operating environments

As a CIO, CISO or IT security officer for your organization, you would like to ensure that your Internet, intranet and extranet applications and your networks are secure. As networks, applications and also the vulnerabilities are constantly evolving, a comprehensive, regular and focused security program is very important to secure the networks and applications and to build up defense against new vulnerabilities. For precisely these reasons, hundreds of organizations worldwide have chosen Paladion Networks Testing Services (PLYNT ℠) as their security testing partner.

With over two decades of experience in IT Security with over 700 customers, Paladion literally conducts thousands of security tests every year covering all kinds of infrastructure and applications – on-premise, cloud and hybrid – in all kinds of environments and across all kinds of industries & businesses, networked around the world.

All major security standards are strictly adhered to and form the basis for our extensive procedures and processes. A superset of these standards and practices forms the guidelines for Paladion’s matured PLYNT ℠ Certification Criteria, which are very stringent.

A stable employee pool of close to 1000 IT Security experts with all industry certifications, deployment of the best-in-class Test-Tools, stringent Quality Assurance programs and easy Web-Reporting form the highlights of Paladion’s Security Testing program.

The highest awards and recognition have been granted to Paladion over the past two decades.

And all this has naturally led to a large number of happy and satisfied customers over the years.

The broad pallette of Security Testing services that we offer is provided below.

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